Allow me to enlighten you to Universal Law. Along this journey we create belief systems and energy that conducts what we will experience in life.  These belief systems are formed at very early ages and usually around events that can create negative beliefs.  I will help you uncover those beliefs, release them from your field and chakra system so that you are free to create from a place of strong manifestational desire.  No longer will you be held back by what you cannot explain.  No longer will you live in limitation or lack.  It's time to take your power back and live the life that is your greatest potential. 

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What it's like to work with Goldyn 

Goldyn has completely transformed the idea of therapy for me. She has been accessible to me without fail in my darkest moments and seen me through my most challenging hours.  She has strengthened my resolve in moments I didn't know I had anything left.  She reminds me "You got this" when I need it the most. Goldyn is a true gift.  I am forever grateful that she is in my life.  If you are ready to shed old beliefs, to really start living, honor yourself & open yourself up to what is inherently yours, book a session with her.  Take back your life. Open your heart. Listen to the voice within. You are worth it. 

Grateful in CT

Working with Goldyn Duffy has changed my life! Her connection to Universal Truth is unparalleled. She was able to share with me information that was buried so deep inside of me, and yet I knew instantly that she was 100% correct. Her words and clearing healed my heart in ways that I have never experienced before. Goldyn’s sweet energy is healing, soothing and transformational. I recommend working with Goldyn Duffy for your highest and greatest good, as your life will change for the better, guaranteed!
Lisa Jones

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