The saying goes "money can't buy happiness", to which I would totally agree, however it does rate right up there with oxygen since we need it to live.  I would even go as far to say it is an important part of us feeling worthy and successful.  Often times I see people hold themselves from great financial success by the beliefs they hold and things that were passed down to them through generational beliefs.  Our own worthiness ties directly into how much money we will make or believe we are worthy of.  Our society has conditioned us to think a certain way by portraying wealthy people as bad or greedy.  Our own thinking that being spiritual means we cannot be wealthy is another belief that keeps us from becoming the incredible, abundant beings we were meant to be.  My teachings on finances will help you to gain clarity on what your beliefs are and how to shift them if they are keeping you from your abundance.  We will dive deep into prosperity consciousness and how to gain clarity on what you are passionate about so you can allow the riches to flow. 

You cannot afford to be kept from this information!!!