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Welcome to the M21 Revolution!

The M21 Revolution is a powerful community of people committed to living mindfully, powerfully and deliberately. We are vested in creating positive change in our lives for the betterment of the world.

Each month for 21-days, facilitators Goldyn and Jess actively engage in the group with daily postings, weekly live videos, guided meditations, ongoing support, and accountability. Subject matters and teachings are steeped in yogic science and universal law.


We have recently decided to make the M21 page free to all users so that we can share the vast number of videos and content we have to assist others on their journeys.  You are now able to join our private group for free and search for any subject to listen to and receive an up level in consciousness. We will be offering random challenges to bring you new information that will be donation based.  This means you can take part in a brand new 21 day Meditation/Mindfulness challenge for an amount you feel comfortable with.   

21 days is the magic number to form a habit. When we began this group in 2017 we had no idea that it would become the revolution it has grown into and instead of continuing to create separate groups for each month we decided to create a subscription model to allow for ongoing community building. As the group has grown and our lives have transformed we are now offering this subscription based model for free with a donation offering as we offer new challenges as our intuition calls us to receive new information that we would like to share and receive an exchange of energy for.  These will not take place every month so we suggest that you do past challenges to integrate the information that has already been downloaded. 



Currently, there are over 5,000 peer-reviewed published studies supporting the benefits of mindfulness practices and meditation on everything from insomnia to digestion to pain reduction and stress relief.

In a study out of Harvard University in 2011 (Holzel, Lazar et. al 2011) researchers found that meditation and mindfulness can literally change your brain. After just 8-weeks of daily mindfulness and meditation, practices, MRI scans showed increased gray matter in areas of the brain related to:

  • memory and learning

  • perspective taking

  • self-regulation and emotion

  • empathy and compassion

  • executive decision making

And decreased gray matter in the amygdala, the fight or flight center of the brain. In other words, more of the good and less of the bad.

As far as athletic performance is concerned, science has shown that present moment focus is the essence of the psychology of peak performance in sport (Jackson & Csikszentmihalyi, 1999; Ravizza, 2002).





Who Are Jess and Goldyn?


Jess Gumkowski

Jess is Head Yogi at YogiTriathlete. She is a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, Ironman triathlete, ultra runner, writer, speaker, and podcast host. She spent many years of her life shackled to her mind. Thoughts of fear, anxiety, stress and low self-esteem imprisoned her for decades. She found herself in her 30s feeling overwhelmed, underproductive and seeking a better way of life. Through simple mindfulness practices, the busy thoughts of her mind became options rather than the lens through which she lived allowing her authentic life to start to unfold. She believes, and science now backs, that present moment awareness is essential to peak performance in every aspect of life. From brokering business deals to washing the dishes, mindfulness is a portable gift that is the greatest life management tool we can learn. With contagious enthusiasm, Jess brings her mindfulness techniques to the platform of modern day life in an easily digestible manner.


Goldyn Duffy

Goldyn has a way of explaining Universal Law like no other. Her practical applications and authentic speaking style allow her listeners to hear and understand how these scientific laws can be applied for their greatest benefit. She is a talented speaker who makes this type of expanding fun and interactive. Her ability to help people release generational, low vibrational belief systems from their entire field is what makes her work so productive. Raising her four daughters with her husband of 24 years has given her incredible experience and wisdom on how to apply Universal Laws to parenting and relationships. Her recent move from the East Coast to California was a leap of faith that has given her, even more, confidence and experience with creating her life’s journey through contrast and desire. Her many coaching clients have had great successes in the area of finances, relationships, parenting, and self-evolution. Her enthusiasm and zest for life and learning have allowed her to become a master in living life through joy. 


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