Empowered Parenting


Empowered parenting is a way of parenting your children where you empower them to their own inner guidance.   So often we fall into habits and generational cycles that do not serve us or our children.  We take away their freedoms by ordering them around and become what I like to refer to as the "drill sargent".  I want you to listen to yourself for the next couple of days and see how you are responding to your child.  What is your tone and what are you saying. Are you constantly saying, no, don't, go do this, or do it now.  Realize and recognize that you are probably parenting very similarly to the way you were parented and unless you are really awake and have been examining your behavior you can fall into habits that actually debilatate your child from knowing who they really are.  Start by noticing how you think and feel when your kids are around you.  Do you dread when they are coming home from school?  Do you wake up in the morning and feel stressed about helping them get ready for school?  Do you often drag things up that they did yesterday and feel frustrated that they never listen and you are always screaming?  Well, first of all know that it's ok.  You are not alone.  I too, have had my days of rage with my kids and completely understand how it happens.  If you really do want things to change it has to begin with you.   You are in charge of the energy in your house no matter what anyone else is doing.  The more you are centered in your happiness, the easier it will be to bring others along.  I highly recommend meditating and becoming really aware of the way you are feeling.  Ask yourself why often, why am I feeling this way? Does it even have anything to do with my child?  Asking yourself questions and becoming really reflective on your own behavior can enlighten you to so much and allow major changes to occur so you can create the peaceful family you desire.


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