Physical Health


After struggling with my weight for about 5 years I decided to just stop the insanity.  I was following program after program and would lose the weight, be happy for about a month and then gain it all back.  It was a rollercoaster that I badly wanted off of.  So much of our physical health is contingent on the way we think and feel, it's amazing.  Once I put an end to the cycle of being unhappy with my body I began to eat, exercise and think differently.  My body reacted in the most incredible way.  I do not diet, and I eat what I want and I am truly at the perfect weight.  Letting go of the drama of hating my body and what program to follow has been one of the most freeing things I have discovered in my life journey.  I am excited to share with you the insights that have enlightened me to a body I love and a feeling of satisfaction in my physical health.  I will also uncover some common thinking that is causing you to attract sickness and other health issues.