Private Coaching 

 Private Quantum Leaping Program


  This course will introduce you to a whole new way of thinking.  It will awaken you to the power you have to manifest your desires.  I will help you release the blocks that are holding you back from your all that you can be.  We will uncover your hidden gifts and release the fears that are holding you back.  You will learn the principles of creating the correct thought and feeling patterns to make any situation come out to your ultimate advantage.  You will gain higher perspective on your current situations and shift them to a more positive mindset.  Be prepared to change your life in six weeks and be excited for the ride!




I'm ready are you ready??!!!!


I truly believe that it is our position to take this world and make it everything it can be.  By doing this work we are saving the planet.  We are waking up the consciousness of the world by awakening ourselves.  Through our actions we will empower others to this information and the world will become a better place to live.  Join me on this journey!! 

                             You have been chosen!



Quantum Leapers Life Overhaul


This is a life overhaul program.  We will take each area of your life and clear the blocks and perceptions you have around it.  I will help you to release the beliefs that do not serve you and create new ones that support your desires.  The information I have to share in each area of your life will help you to no longer repeat patterns and will ensure the success that is your birthright.    We will dive deep into the fears you are experiencing and release them for good.  You will set new intentions in a meditative state that will solidify them and clarify them for the Universe.  You will have weekly email/texting support.  I am absolutely thrilled about this program and I am living proof that it can be done!!  This is a three month intensive and requires a ready and willing spirit.  This is about upleveling your life in every possible way.  




Energy Releasing & Belief System Overhaul

In this program you will spend two months improving your point of attraction through releasing old belief systems and creating new ones. We will dig deep to find the belief systems that no longer serve you and release them.  I will work twice a week with you to flush out old pattern thinking and create new intentions.  I will include chakra releasing, as is necessary, and you will have a full chakra evaluation to determine any blockages. You will complete these two months and have a whole new life to manifest your dreams.



For those of you who are interested in jump starting a business this  package is for you.  We will spend time creating the business you have always wanted.   I will help you create your own website, clarify your ideal audience, set very clear intentions for income and release any blocks or fears you have around doing this.  Throughout our time together I will teach you the principles of allowing your business to flow and how to act on inspired action to create ease and flow in your business and life.  We will spend four weeks together making your dreams come true.




This one month program is for those who need specific shifting in one or two areas.  This program is for those who already have a firm grasp on the principles and need higher perspective and clearing on a subject.  In these four weeks you will completely clear all beliefs that are not serving you in that area and set new intentions to create what you desire. 




This program is for the beginner or for those who would like to sample my work before jumping into a full program.  This program will help ready you for the next phase of your personal development.  We will start releasing the beliefs that block you from knowing you can change your life.  Join me for this three week course that will change your perspectives and equip you with the information that will help you decide that the time is now to start living your best life!




Family Package 


This package is custom made for your family.  I will help you release the negative vibrations of your past so you do not repeat them with your children.  Together we will uncover why you parent the way you do and discover a whole new way of parenting.  You will be freed from generational baggage and empower your children to live their best life.  You will welcome a whole new feeling of peace in your home and raise the vibration of your entire life. We will have four weeks together and  I will include 3 sessions for children who are open and receptive to working with me.  I am passionate about working with families and have created incredible success with my own. 


Couples Package


I will work with you and your spouse to heal and clear any blockages concerning your marriage.  We will have two months to clear out and create an open and loving communication.  We will clear blockages for each person and create new intentions for a loving and healthy marriage.  This package can help both husband and wife come to a new understanding about themselves and one another.  As we clear emotional baggage and generational cycles we will create a loving and peaceful home to raise your family.  I will share important information on the Science of Manifesting your desires and you will create a stronger vision of what you want to create in your entire life picture. This is powerful work that takes two willing parties to save your sacred bond of marriage. 






These sessions will change your life.  Allow me to shed new perspectives on what you are wanting to manifest.  This is all about Quantum Leaping to what you most desire and bring it into your life! Learn how to use your quantum field energy to create the life you love.


                          LET'S DO THIS!

Each course is specifically designed for you,  including pricing.  I do not list pricing because I use Divine Inspiration and Intuitive Pricing to charge what I feel is appropriate and a necessary exchange for the work we will do together.