Attracting Financial Prosperity

Improving your point of attraction in regard to your finances- Back in 2008 we were faced, as were a lot of people, with a major financial challenge. Mike’s thriving carpentry business was severed by the economy and we were both filled with fear and angst. We could no longer pay our bills and began a downward spiral that led to bankruptcy, car repossession and stress that was unbearable. This tragedy, as some would see it, turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. It led us both to expanding in our faith and spirituality. It was the catalyst for us opening our eyes to other ways of creating income which led us to one of our thriving businesses today and after a few years of major struggling and a lot of asking we found the Law of Attraction. Once we began to put this Universal Law into deliberate practice and began to turn our attention towards what we wanted instead of focusing on the lack or fear things began to shift quickly. Things just got better and better. We started getting really serious about studying the law of attraction and then later teaching others how to deliberately create their own lives. Today, we have three thriving businesses and have tripled our income. We are no longer living in fear but instead in joy, believing in the abundance that is there for us. We know with all of our hearts that our abundance and well-being is assured and if we are going to manifest the great work that we came here to do we must be abundant and so must you!!!

The important thing to realize about your financial picture is that it is only the result of what you have been thinking up until this point. You can change your situation as soon as today if you can begin to think and feel differently. The challenge with this is most people are so focused on what is that they cannot turn their attention towards what they want, they allow reality to form their vibration and become reactive instead of deliberate. When we allow “what is” to train our vibration we end up creating the same situations over and over again. You cannot create abundance if you are focused on not having enough money. If you find yourself feeling bad and frustrated about your financial situation you will attract situations, thoughts, and circumstances that will continue to help you feel that way. When you turn your focus towards what you want, visualizing and feeling better because you have total faith and trust that your situation is improving you will begin to see evidence of your improved financial condition. If you start to notice the little manifestations that begin to come, they will get bigger and continue to blossom as you feel better and better and create a stronger belief in the process.

We were not meant to struggle. I truly believe that we cannot possibly become the amazing, awesome beings of light that we are meant to be if we are worried about our own survival. I remember days when I felt like I couldn’t breathe all day, I felt like the world was closing in on us and the fear of losing everything was so great it took everything I had to just drag myself out of bed. I felt unavailable to the world, wrapped up in my own worrisome thoughts and fears. I was unavailable to my children, to my husband and to my friends. Once I began to study the law of attraction I realized that my circumstances did not define me. That I was going to step back into my power and begin to create my life the way I want it to be created. That I would no longer operate from victim mentality. I got a little mad. I began to act in ways that felt abundant. I stopped shopping the generic aisles of the grocery store. I started feeling better and feeling my faith increase with every small manifestation that came my way. Crazy things, miracles began to happen that gave me even more confidence in my abilities and I became available again to the world and beautiful people around me. As I got back to being a joyful mom, wife, and friend I witnessed more amazing things happening and started to adopt the principal that “everything always works out for me.”

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