Attracting Great Relationships

When it comes to relationships I would like to proclaim my expertise. Living in a house with four daughters and a husband has proved to be an excellent basis for all of my experiments (shh don’t tell them). I have always been a seeker of information, and as my four daughters were growing up I would read every parenting book in print and if they made sense I put them into practice. Being a stay at home mom, I literally did it like it was my job-except I never punched out. It’s funny because as we are raising our own children we are growing up ourselves and they help us to discover things we never knew, like how mad we can get. I used to tell my husband, these kids could throw the Dalai Lama off his game!! I used to get really bogged down and not pick my battles and yell ALOT!!! I remember one day walking into my house and not being able to stand the energy that was there and the fact is I created It!!! Once I started to study the Law of Attraction my parenting style began to change, I mellowed out. I chose joy instead of bickering and nagging. I decided that some battles were better left unpicked. The energy in my house began to shift, there was more laughter, more joy, and way more peace. WOW! I did that! Yes, you have to take the credit and feel good for what you create, celebrate your successes and realize that you are the one creating the circumstance around you, so if they are good then celebrate and take the credit.

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