Money Got You Down?

Often times, in life we get very bogged down by finances, bills, our job, and all of the little dramas that come with that. I called them little but I know that a bill that needs to be paid when it looks like there is no money for it can feel like a big hairy, scary deal. Or how about when you bounce checks and overdraw your checking account? Fun, right? I have totally been there so I can relate to how you are feeling, however I would like to remind you of some things that could help you to change your perspective and begin to think more abundantly so you can start the process of bringing more money into your life. That's right, it all starts with the way you feel. If you are feeling scared, broke, down, and tired you will begin to see more evidence of that quickly. More things will start to break and more bills will come in, you will perpetuate a cycle of not having enough and will feel worse and worse if you continue thinking the same way. So here's my advice, find something to be happy about, find something in your life that appreciate and think about it alot. In fact, walk through your day and find as many things possible to appreciate and you will quickly begin to see little miracles happen that will show you that your life is turning around because of what you are focused on. Take a walk outside and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Take a moment and think about the love you have in your life, the people, the pets, the friends you may be taken for granted. Focus on your love for them and watch your vibration raise and your life change. Love and appreciation are the highest vibrations, so when you focus there you begin to feel more abundant which will line you up with more reasons to feel abundant.

The reality is you are a powerful creator and you have the power to change your life with a few simple thoughts and feelings of how abundant you really are.

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