Day One Law of Attraction Journey-Becoming a Deliberate Creator

Day One Law of Attraction Journey

This post is inspired by a video series I am doing on YouTube, if you are not a subscriber of my channel I highly suggest you do-just search Goldyn Duffy. I decided it would be great to have something you could read that would go along with the twenty one journey we are on together. In our day one journey I introduce the concept of vibrational energy. Helping you to realize that how you are feeling and what you are believing is contributing to your energetic output. What you believe is what you perceive. We can go through life believing that life is happening to us or we can begin to make a conscious choice to become deliberate creators. Deliberately creating your life means you accept the fact that you are not a victim and that you have choices to create the life you want to live. Your energetic output which is based on how you feel and at a deeper level, what you believe that is happening around you will determine what you will bring into your life. As you become more aware of this vibrational energy and output you can begin to question the belief systems you have and begin to release them and choose new ones that will better serve you. Today i suggest that you write down what you believe about every area of your life and pay attention to what those beliefs are and if they serve you. Another level of this exercise is to ask yourself where you may have picked up this information and if it's even true for you. Then ask to be released from the belief systems you do not want any longer and intend for the ones you do want to incorporate. Just the mere energy of turning your focus towards what you want can help you change things that no longer work for you. Becoming aware of deliberate in the way you think and feel is the first step in choosing a life that feels better. Pay attention to the thoughts you are having, do you often feel your thoughts are thinking you? The reason is because of momentum. The Law of Attraction works in whatever direction you are focused in; meaning if you are focused on a negative thought pattern you will find more thoughts and more reasons to think negatively. If you find yourself in the bad neighborhood of your mind my advice would be to not get out of your car! Do something that can help you shift out of the negative thought. You can gently begin by asking yourself "What is good in my life" or "What do I appreciate about my life" Sometimes you will have to start small if you are feeling really miserable because it can be very difficult to take a big leap away from the negativity you have been feeling. So reach for something that just makes you feel a little bit better and before you know it you will be back in a better place where you have more of a choice to create differently.

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