Day Two Law of Attraction Journey-Belief Systems-

Belief systems are created before we are five years old. We form our systems based on what we experience as children. If there is something in your life that is not working the way you want it to it's very important to look at what you believe about it. Vibrational energy of a belief cannot be changed but they can be released and new ones can be set. If you need help releasing belief systems or energy that feels blocked please contact me for a session. I can help you get into a meditative state and find out where the foundation of that belief came from and help you to release it; then we can set new intentions and new beliefs that better serve what you want to create. There are social programmings that also contribute to our belief systems and have caused us to feel certain ways about things and we don't even reflect on why. Randy Gage wrote a great book called "When Your Dumb Sick and Broke, How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich." he talks about the movie the Titanic where it was portrayed that rich people were pretentious, not having fun and were not nice people at all. This movie also portrays the poor people in the bottom of the boat having fun and they were kind and worthy of love. It's important to start questioning these programmings and become awake to what you really want to believe. If you believe that rich people are evil and never have any fun, how can you attract the prosperity that you really desire? We have to change the way you feel and what you believe at your core. Knowing and coming from a place where you are connecting to what you are truly worthy of. Meditation or Zero State Awareness is something I really recommend and I have a video teaching you how to do this to help you begin to awaken to your true potential (subscribe to my channel). The mere fact that you can have a vision, have a desire means it has the ability to manifest. If you are interested in making some big life changes, a big move, a new relationship whatever it is will come in direct relationship to how you are feeling about it and more importantly what you believe about it. Do you feel those things are possible for you? Do you feel worthy of great love or living in a place that you feel amazing in? What you bring into your life is a direct reflection of how you are feeling and what you are believing is possible. I challenge you to open yourself up to limitless living and change your perspectives on what is possible for your life. Join me on this journey it's a blast!!

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