Day Four -Law of Attraction Journey-Releasing & Understanding Fear

Fear is false evidence appearing real. It holds no life force and therefore has no power to control you unless you don't understand it. Most people push down their fear and therefore end up vibrating with it and creating from it. Fear is basically just a bunch of thoughts looped together giving you what you don't want, when you don't allow yourself to look at the fear you end up creating circumstances that will show you it is still active in your vibrational output. Because fear has no life force it truly has no hold over us, even though we may believe that it does and create physical symptoms to prove that we are right. The minute you begin to look at the fear, question it, address it and see what it wants to teach you, you disarm it. So next time you are afraid ask yourself what you are truly afraid of and if it's supportive of what you want to believe and in turn create. If it's not then you know you can release the fear and choose thoughts that are more about what you want to create. If you feel you can't move past it then you may want to work with an energy coach or someone who can help you release the fears and create new intentions for what you want to believe. Many times fear is something that was handed down to us from generations and generations ago. The fight or flight instinct was put there to protect us and keep us alive and now that we aren't dealing with those life threatening situations we have unnecessary fears around survival that need to be released. I'm not saying your fears come from a past life, but what I am saying is the fear instinct is strong and needs to be addressed so that you can release what no longer serves you. This will allow you to live a life that feels better, that has more potential to be what you really and truly want it to be. Expanding past fear is one of the biggest ways we contribute to our knowing of who we really are and becoming all that we came here to be. So next time you feel fear ask yourself, "Am I focused on what I don't want or what I do want" and change your focus and watch the fear fade away.

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