Day Five-Law of Attraction Journey-Judgments and Definitions

We all have experiences in life that happen to us. In each experience we have judgments, definitions, and meanings to each experience and that conducts what we will experience in life. We have this layered process that begins with thoughts, feelings, judgments/definitions and then finally beliefs. Our judgments and definitions are based on what we believe. This is why the same thing could happen to two different people and they can have totally different experiences because of what they believe or how they define the experience. Everything that is coming at us, we make a judgment or put a meaning around it that will set up the next vibrational output for you. So your meanings and judgments really dictate what you will attract in your life. The first step to changing judgments that you are making is to become aware of them and decide if you want to judge things the way you always have and continue to experience what you always have. You have to first recognize that when you have desires they go out into waves, the energy of your desire creates waves into the Universe and then that desire will go out into the Universe and collapse into particles that becomes experience unless you draw it back in by having negating thoughts about your desire that talk you out of it. The Universe needs your energetic output and strong to desire to help you create the change you are looking for. Know that you have internal guidance within you to create what you feel passionate about in your life. Challenge yourself and the limitations that you have experienced up until now. What are you telling yourself that is limiting you to living your best life? Can you change the way you define yourself. When we begin to define ourselves differently and make the decision to see ourselves differently we invite possibilities and opportunities to bring in what we want to truly live. Stepping into new territories, you may face some fear and you may face some feelings that are uncomfortable but by taking a deep breath, reflecting on what you are most afraid of you can work through those feelings and begin to create differently. You can begin to connect with the knowledge and intuitive guidance you have within that will catapult you into living what you desire and truly live your joy.

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