Day Six of Your Law of Attraction Journey-Relationships

How we feel in our relationships can dictate much of where we land on the vibrational plane. All of the people around you can become a great excuse to leave your aligned state. If you have a belief system that other people make you feel a certain way you are living in victim mentality. If you want to become an uplifter and not allow other's energies to become yours, you have to intend to stay in alignment. Of course the first key to is to make sure you have a solid meditation practice so that you can give yourself the greatest possibility of staying in your good feeling place. Meditation will also help you to stay connected with your inner being that is fully aware of your worthiness. Are you exchanging energy with others or are you staying in your good feeling place despite how others are feeling around you. As you get good at this you will actually uplift others and they will feel better around you. In any relationship you would like to shift take the time to write down or think about all that you love about the other person. At first you may only come up with a few things but over time you will see more and more things because it is what you are focused on. Take deep breaths before you respond and choose the way you want to feel. No one has to make you feel anything. If you are feeling triggered it may mean you have something that needs to be released and healed. If you are having interactions where someone is not talking to you in the way you want saying the words "I love you" can always change the energy in any exchange. This is not about them, this is about you. This is about you staying in your joyful, loving, appreciative place even if there are those around you who are not giving off a high vibe. Do you want to join others in their energetic fields if they are not in the energy of what we want to experience? Asking yourself how you want to feel is key to keeping yourself from joining in with other people's problems and staying in your good feeling vibe. Become an uplifter it's a fantastic way to live!!

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