Day 7 of Your Law of Attraction Journey -Learning how to live in allowing energy

Allowing is the act of permitting something to happen. By focusing on allowing we shift the energy towards permitting the Divine Energies to assist us in manifesting what we desire. By having a clear picture of what we want, intending it and then allowing the energies to line up for us we stay open to all possibilities. If we get to locked into the way things have to happen we block the 10 million ways it could actually come to us. It's great to have a picture of what you want to manifest but allowing the energy means you don't get stuck on expecting it to come a certain way. This is not about being passive or being lazy, because if you are waiting for something to happen you are in the vibration of waiting and will keep experiencing that. This is about activating the energy by intending and then allowing yourself to expect things to manifest for you. If you are working at a job that you don't like and you have a belief that you would be happy when you get a new job but you believe it's too hard to find a new job or there are no jobs out there, you are not allowing. If you believe that you will only be happy when you get a new job but believe it's impossible; you set yourself up for a very powerless, low vibrational output. So to shift the energy, imagine what it would be like to work in a job that you love, and then do your very best to find things you love about the job you are in right now. The important thing to realize here is that the way you feel right now will determine what comes next to you. Allowing a new job to come means activating the energy of happiness now and then opening yourself up to the possibilities that are to come. Doing this means looking for signs and acting on your inspirations to create the flow towards what you want. Maybe you feel inspired to look on line or contact some friends to let them know you are looking. Maybe you feel inspired to research companies that you think would be great to work for and that interest you. It's important to pay attention to how you feel and only look when you are feeling inspired and excited, if you feel frantic or fearful looking at those moments will only give you more evidence of the same. Knowing or having faith is a huge part of allowing because you come from the energy of positive expectation when you are in these states, this really ramps up the Quantum waves of energy towards your desires and as you practice staying in your good feeling, know it's gonna happen place, no matter how long it takes, you will soon manifest whatever it is that you desire.

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