Basics of the Law of Attraction


Learn how this Universal Law works in your life and how to master your thoughts and feelings to manifest the life you love.




Learn to Meditate

To truly master your own power to create, quieting your mind is key. This recording will show you exactly how to master the art of meditation and help you to connect deeply with who you are. 


Creating through Visualization

A key component to creating the life you desire is to see it in your mind's eye first.  I can help you clarify your vision and play it out in your mind to solidify it into manifestation. Guided personalized visualization/meditation included just for you


Empowered Parenting  


Learn the art of creating a peaceful family. No matter what age your children are you will gain new perspective on how to enjoy and empower them to their happiness.   There is an art to creating the relationships you want within your family and I am here to share the techniques that will help you to create the family peace and joy you desire.


Attracting Great Relationships

Learn how to have awesome relationships and create happy experiences with everyone in your life. Whether you are looking to create a happy partnership or attract the love of your life this recording series is for you.


Law of Attraction for those in their 20s 

This is a pivotal time in life for you. This recording will help you learn to master the art of attracting what you want!